If it seems the world in regards to marijuana is changing on a daily basis, that would be because it truly is, and often times we miss bits and pieces of these changes. Here we attempt to enlighten the curious regarding our home state of Colorado, our neighboring states, and other news that might soon also affect those that are near and dear to each of us. This past month has been rather news-heavy on the marijuana front so let’s jump right in.

Medical Conditions Listings


Colorado has recently done an about face in regards to their prior stance on PTSD and Medical Marijuana. The Colorado health department has held a long opposition in the research surrounding PTSD. They have held four previous rejections on applications to approve treatment even though 18 out of the 25 states with medical marijuana approval have PTSD listed.

A panel just recently voted 5-0 in favor and thus recommending its addition. Now to clarify, this does not yet make it a law or an addition to the current listing but rather an item that will begin to get full attention with the new Legislative sessions in January.

This might help many understand the recent launch of the $2 million funded round of research that The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Colorado have begun. This will be the very first study of its kind, so some exciting new information will be sure to come.

The Current Numbers Show – Best Month In State History

The stats for Colorado sales numbers for the month of July 2016 have recently been released — which show that we have just broken the record for highest monthly marijuana sales EVER. These numbers come out to an astounding 27% increase from July 2015. Total marijuana shop sales for both medical and recreational combined were $122.7 million.

To better show the significance found within these numbers many have referenced April 2016 as a comparison due to 420 celebrations that take place around that significant date. A $7 million dollar sales increase that the state had signifies a lot more consumption, get togethers, and celebrations were to be found during July’s warm summer month.  

Colorado’s Six Famous Selections

We in Colorado are very lucky in that we have the chance to mingle with famous friends. The six, highlighted below, can be found around Colorado for all to try and enjoy. Which is to be your new favorite? Once you’ve read through the list, let us know in the comments section.

  • Leafs by Snoop – Snoop Dogg brings us eight delish strains found in varieties of edibles, wax, shatter, and of course his roll and bowl favorite leaf. Thus no matter which is your favorite means of consumption you can include Snoop in your next consumption plan.
  • Willie’s Reserve – As we mentioned last month we are proud to have Willie Nelson in the homes of many Colorado residents and tourists alike. Old time advocate has spent his lifetime on the fight of legalization so it came as no real surprise when he began to offer his very own line.
  • RiverRock Cannabis – Wiz Khalifa is in da house! He brings with him the gifts of concentrates and flowers from his new line. This line offers colors that will seriously put Black and Yellow to shame in more ways than one.
  • Colorado Weed Company – Merle Haggard is able to live in our hearts as well as our lives even after his passing thanks to his daughter for continuing her father’s mission. We will never forget the late great Merle Haggard and now future generations will not either.
  • TruCannabis – Instead of tying a name to a strain or a simple product line Damian Marley has tied the Marley name to a dispensary. His daddy, the infamous Bob Marley himself, sadly missed the legalization movement but, he we are sure, is a proud papa at all Damian has done on his behalf. Bob Marley lives in the heart and lives of every die hard connoisseur around.
  • Chong’s Choice – Tommy Chong has been a figurehead for the weed movement longer than many consumers realize. Up In Smoke hit the screens back in 1978 but this weed lovin’ hippie and his love of marijuana dates back even further yet. Now he owns seven Colorado dispensaries, maker of Chong’s Bongs and one of the faces behind Cheech and Chong Glass, and plant strains as well. He spends his time, focus, and energy on superiority as his number one priority allowing only the best fresh out of the jail sales to be on the market.

Round One Complete

Basalt had a great day recently when the vote to allow medical and recreational pot shops to open in more locations passed the first of two required rounds of voting. This is huge as currently shops are only allowed to be opened in areas that are classified as industrial. If the next round goes equally well this specifically will allow shops to open in areas classified as C-2 and C-3. Some of the locations that would potentially become available for new storefronts would include Basalt Center Circle, Willits Town Center, and near City Market in the Orchard Plaza. The next time this issue is up for the second round of voting is scheduled for September 27, 2016. This upcoming week is a potential page turner for the people of Basalt.

FusionPharm In Trouble


FusionPharm are looking at charges for attempting to sale phony shares and stocks in the ballpark of $12 million. So far the team of two are looking at charges for filing false income taxes, securities fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud to date. Whereas this story has just begun to truly break the charges could be yet to change or become added too.

Outside Colorado

Health and Research

Researchers have been busy testing just where marijuana can help, heal, or reduce pain. From these studies, trials, and researchers we have learned during September 2016 a number of new discoveries of which we have briefly highlighted below.

  • There is a chance that cannabis could become the next means to properly treating those who suffer from Fibromyalgia.
  • Cannabis may be the treatment option for those who are plagued with vascular dementia.
  • Cannabis has been linked to lower BMI or body mass index.
  • Those states to have an active medical marijuana program are seeing significantly lower numbers of car crashes that have been fatal in nature resulting with persons whose blood testing results now showing levels of opioids as was the case in the past.

Marijuana Is Not A Gateway Drug

lorettaThis month in Richmond Virginia Loretta Lynch,  the US Attorney General, during an event at Madison Central High School, took questions from students. During one answer she publicly stated that unlike other drugs marijuana is not a gateway drug regarding opioid abuse. She further went on to clarify that they are also not seeing marijuana as any specific gateway.



It’s A Wrap

We have spent hours seeking out the most prominent and dominant of those current events, news stories, and changes that hold the greatest likelihood of affecting all of us here at home and would like to apologize if we have missed any that you had hoped to find or learn more about. Leave us a comment or send us an email on any of those items so that we can gather more on what it is you would like to learn, know, or hear as we continue to grow right along with you our readers.