At SOMA Wellness Lounge we’ve made a major change of great proportions that reporters are saying is expected to blow the freakin’ minds of the early birds looking to catch a morning buzz with their cup of coffee.

Fact: We are now opening our doors at 9am!

Other great reasons to drop by SOMA Wellness Lounge early

  • Catch the frosty nuggets early to enjoy our signature cannabis strains when they are the freshest!
  • The very best selection right at your fingertips first thing in the morning.
  • Come relax in our beautiful lounge, free Wi-Fi & refreshments to soothe even the most dreadful alcohol hangover.

Our Colorado grown cannabis comes in a variety of strains that will help you relax, jump for joy, or contemplate the meaning of life. We have many varieties of THC infused products if you are looking for something new to try.

Thanks for reading our blog, enjoy these memes. We’ll see you in the morning for a cup of coffee.

I Woke Up like This, I Woke Up Like This, Baked.

The morning is a great time to bake.
Think Beyonce: wake up, bake. Post up, bake. 

Who Said You Can’t Rip and Be Accomplished?

Who ever said smoking weed makes you lazy, have you seen Michael Phelp’s gold medals?!?
Breakfast of champions. Come in at 9 and feel all Olympian like.


Cup of Coffee + Paper + SOMA’s Signature Strains = A Day Of Sublime Jams

Which are the best cannabis strain in Colorado for such an adventure?
Well you will just have to come and find out from 9am-8pm (except Sundays we close at 5pm).



Weedies: A Balanced Part of a Crucial Breakfast. So Start Your Day with a Bowl!

They say the most important part of the day is breakfast.
At 9am, nothing hits the spot like a bowl of fresh frosty purple nuggets. 

Weedies for breakfast

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