It seems as if there are daily sightings of marijuana in the news, of some variation, and most days that is exactly how it has become. For the average person, it’s pretty tough keep up with it all. To assist those or simply fill any in on what they might have missed we proudly offer you the good, the bad, and the ugly found in reference to marijuana in the news for April 2016.

Evil April Fool’s: I feel the only place to begin is with the horrid joke that President Obama pulled on none other than April Fool’s Day. At a press conference, he was signing into motion the Executive Order 21302, which aimed to effectively pardon all non-violent drug offenders and order their release. It went on to eliminate cannabis from the classification list entirely. He signed and was in the process of leaving the room when he suddenly turned grabbed a mic and declared his “Evil April Fool’s” clarifying than that it was all just a joke, thus earning a Pre-Grinch award from many.

Pennsylvania: PA has officially become the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. The new law covers 17 qualified conditions currently with an odd twist. There are to be no smokable medications. There is a limit of a 30 day supply threshold per person which can include tinctures, oils, full strength pills, and liquid that is vaporizable.

South of the Border: Mexico is attempting to change the current legal possession amounts from the current 5-gram quantity to a proposed 28 grams. If passed, that would mean you can carry just under an ounce or 20-25 marijuana cigarettes.

Smelly Van Syndrome: Rhode Island recently stopped a minivan being driven by a gentleman from Philadelphia, PA on a routine traffic stop. The smelly van had raised their hairs, so to speak, leading to the discovery of 12 boxes he had been transporting. Within the smelly boxes were 327 vacuum sealed bags that held a total of 317 pounds.

Sad Ohio Grows: A total of four homes is still active crime scenes, three of which contain grow operations and building. Police are calling the scenes, “pre-planned, pre-meditated execution-type killings” that left 8 relatives brutally murdered. The family members ages were 16, 19, 20, 20, 37, 38, 40 &44. As of this being written, the police still had no suspects, witnesses, or idea as to whom might be responsible.

Presidential Candidate: Hillary Clinton, during an interview on ABCNews, very clearly stated if she was elected marijuana would be dropped from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule II.

Alaska: Currently, Alaska is weighing the rules and precise wordings to allow pot use at the pot store in which it is bought. Of the three different proposed rules, all of them call for a separate location or room away from sales that this would have to occur. Keep an ear out as this could be yet another huge first for the states.

Federal: US Senate Committee approves medical marijuana for veterans. It is likely to become approved and included in the 2017 Fiscal Year Budget.

New Jersey: A bill to add menstrual cramps to the approved medical cramps to the state medical marijuana list is attempting to get passed. If passed, they are hoping to see it cover all areas of PMS symptoms.

Colorado: Representative Dan Pabon declares war on gummy bears. Gummy bears are not his only current war as he has added anything fruit shaped or alternate shapes that a child might enjoy.

Bud Based Matzah: Marijuana was deemed to be 100% kosher by Israel’s leading Orthodox Authority. He rules that cannabis is kosher the day before the start of Passover.

US Senate: The US Senate vote to prevent the DEA interference with medical marijuana via the latest rider. The rider specifically prohibits the Department of Justice from using tax dollars “to prevent any [state] from implementing their own laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana”.

Utah: The Utah governor candidate is seeing first hand the difficulties with the current marijuana legislation. The mess in question has to do with the current criminal investigation regarding his wife and medical marijuana.

Maine: Marijuana legislation clears all hurdles in the field to be able to go on ballot toward legalization of personal to appear on the November ballot. They have had legal medical marijuana in place since 1999.

Border Wars Rage On: Oklahoma and Nebraska are still in an attempt to shut down the Colorado cannabis sales, although so far all legal areas tried have been promptly drawn to a halt.

Colorado: Denver has officially banned any new pot stores/shops.

Arkansas: Marijuana initiative would not only end prohibition but free prisoners on pot charges.

California: CA lawmakers are trying to outlaw pot smoking in rental properties . Properties such as condos, apartments, and others.

Alabama: The House of Representatives has voted 95-4 with the Senate voting 29-3 in favor of legalization fro seizure patients and other patients suffering debilitating conditions. The vote would allow freedom to possess low THC cannabis oils.

Connecticut: The House approves medical marijuana for children in an outstanding vote ration of 129 to 13. The aim is to allow kids suffering from seizures and other disorders to have medical marijuana. The legislation would establish an entirely separate program for seriously ill children. It currently sits awaiting the Senate’s final say.

Maine: Maine could be the first to authorize the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of addicts. Opioid prescriptions and illegal narcotics such as heroin to become added to the list of conditions that qualify for medical marijuana. Supports say it is already being prescribed in other states that a little more loosely operating such as Massachusetts and California.

Washington DC: DC council approves a permanent ban on marijuana clubs