It is surprising how much happens when we are busy living life, going to work, chasing families, and all those other necessities. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at what happened in marijuana in August.

Jack’s Law

jacks-lawWith tears in many of our eyes we bid farewell to the teen that helped to change the Colorado medical marijuana system. He was the Jack behind “Jack’s Law” that passed and became official this summer. Jack’s Law makes it possible for those children (350 in total at last check) that need medical marijuana doses during the school day timeframe to receive them as prescribed.

The specifics of how this is going to happen have yet to be made public. No matter, as no school nurse is required to be involved with the dosage use. It will be interesting to see which schools make a designated location for use and which allow the parent or caregiver to decide.

Jack, You will not be forgotten!



The month began with our own Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) releasing the latest on driving statistics as well as a new billboard campaign. The CDOT clarify their report by stating that in the past eleven years they can proudly show a 60 % reduction in deaths occurring while intoxicated.

In 2015, 546 drug related fatalities occurred, and were directly associated with driving while high on drugs. Of the 546, marijuana was cited as a factor that contributed in the event of only 59 of those fatalities.

The act of driving while intoxicated in highly illegal and dangerous. That danger is not just to one’s self, or even just to those in the vehicle. That danger is present to everyone, in and out of a vehicle alike. To cut down on dangers such as those the CDOT has a few options that they would like to pass along.

One option is available for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: R-U-Buzzed? BAC Calculator. The next option is available for Android via the Google Play Store. R-U-Buzzed? Another option is in cooperation with Uber. By entering the promo code “NODUICO” users will receive up to $20 off your first ride. The best part is they use GPS to book the rides making it to where you do not even need to know the address. CDOT teamed up with Lyft for yet another option. “If you’re new to Lyft, sign up with the promo code CDOTRideSafe for a $20 credit on your first ride.”

Willie Nelson


The premiere of Willie Nelson’s own “Willie’s Reserve” took place within Colorado in August. Let us know what you thought of it after you tried it out in the comments below.

In recent interviews regarding the new business Willie told the world the following. “I always knew that marijuana would be legalized. I just never thought it would be in my lifetime.” Stop over at his site for more information and to see the product line that is being offered.

Illegal Grows

Authorities really took on a hard task when it began the crackdown of illegal grows taking place in Colorado many of which making national headlines. The joined forces of federal, state, and local offices are doing all they can in regards to stamping out illegal grows. This effort will aid in keeping Colorado safe, regulated, and a happy place to both live and visit.

Tax Information


Did you know that the state of Colorado publishes the numbers on a monthly basis? Did you know that they are available to anyone who has the wish, want, or desire to see them? Of course, the information runs about a month behind, meaning that the January tallies are not available until February. The reason behind the delay is simply due to the fact that they cannot report on a month that has not yet ended. Tax information is available here.

Kids Under 21

Those shoppers under the age of 21 are becoming more and more of a problem in Colorado. Fake ID’s are also on the rise. What do the two have in common? Easy the kids are getting and attempting to use these fake or altered ID’s in the hopes of obtaining everyone’s favorite marijuana strains.

There are many issues and problems with these multiple illegal movements and they are learning this rather quickly. Following this story as it keeps moving should be rather easy in local area news.

Outside of Colorado


Kansas highways are once again safe for Colorado drivers. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that it is illegal and in some cases even violated the fourth amendment when the police would pull over a vehicle just because it was registered and tagged within the state of Colorado.

New Jersey

PTSD is said to affect about 7.7 million people, according to the National Institute of Health. The Assembly Bill 457 was finally given the green light in New Jersey as both houses passed the bill. The vote in the Senate was 29 to 9; the vote in the Assembly was 56 to 13. This bill adds PTSD to the list of conditions that are treatable with medical marijuana. However, the bill now sits on the desk of Governor Chris Christie.

If you agree that PTSD should qualify the petition to sign can be located here — all signatures do make a difference. If signed into law, New Jersey would join Michigan, California, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, Rhode Island and Oregon as states that recognize PTSD as a qualifying medical cannabis condition.

To date, Colorado continues to disallow PTSD to be treated by medical marijuana.

Feds Won’t Prosecute

Another recent court event that will no doubt be in more headlines to come occurred on August 17. This case clearing states the The Department of Justice is not allowed to prosecute people for violating medical marijuana federal law as long as they are compliant with the state and local medical marijuana laws.

However, per Time Magazine, the court wrote the following in regards to that case. “DOJ is currently prohibited from spending funds from specific appropriations acts for prosecutions of those who complied with state law. But Congress could appropriate funds for such prosecutions tomorrow.”

Still to Come

Bud TV

Bud TV is about to get even more slots to fill on the DVR. Here are a couple of the new ones that you do not want to miss out on.



An all new television show, Mary + Jane, is soon to begin airing. Some can catch it as early as September 5 on MTV. For those that have not yet heard of the show, Mary + Jane is about two young business minded women (Paige and Jordan) that begin an LA based weed delivery service.


VH1 didn’t to be left off of the list either. Their new show Martha and Snoop’s Dinner Party. This show has been slotted for the Fall lineup. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg will be co-hosts. Just goes to show how much everyone can get along when they try! Watch local television listings for the date and time of local airing.