This Article Will Cover Two Major Points:

  1. Methods to Consume Cannabis Products.
  2. How to Enjoy the Effects of Marijuana Safely.

For clarification purposes, marijuana is the more commonly known street name for cannabis or hemp. We will use the terms interchangeably throughout this article.

How Do You Use Marijuana?

You can smoke marijuana, you can roll marijuana, you can vaporize marijuana, you can drink marijuana, you can eat marijuana, you can inhale marijuana (from candles), and you can lather marijuana all over your body with some cannabis lotion. There are so many different way to extract the THC (active compound) it is hard to name them all in this article so we will be explaining the most popular ways to consume our cannabis grown in Colorado.


The More You Know!

Different levels of THC are extracted with each method, producing different types of effects.


What is the Best Way to Consume Marijuana?

There are many different ways to enjoy the effects of marijuana on the human body and each have certain advantages and disadvantages. This guide will help you better understand how and why you would use each method of consumption.


95% THC release makes vaporizing marijuana the most efficient and cost effective method. 

bv-m1A vaporizer heats herbal cannabis, which causes the ingredients to turn into a gas, without burning any of the plant byproduct. A study done using a Volcano force air vaporizer showed an incredibly high 95% THC release. Hand held vaporizers release a significant amount of THC without any toxins as well. Needless to say, vaporizing your cannabis will get you ‘in the clouds’ and a different dimension high.

Using a vaporizer is the best way to save your lungs, because you are not inhaling any burnt plant matter.

Edibles & Tinctures

Buckle your seat belts! Oral consumption is a fun and potent method of consuming marijuana.

cannabis-marijuana-ediblesIn order to eat marijuana, the flowers have to be carefully heated to extract the THC. Heat it too hot and you will burn off the active chemicals. We have all sorts of marijuana edibles and cannabis extract tincture. To have the effects, THC has to be converted to psychoactive THC which is in turn turned into other psychoactive ingredients when processed by the liver. Therefore making it the most effective way to get the most out of your high.

There are so many delicious options like chocolate bars, candy, mints, granola bars, butter, hot sauce, dressing, bread, etc. Basically anything that uses oil or butter can be substituted since the THC attaches to the fat molecules of the oil/butter. The effects vary based on stomach content and it usually takes up to 1 or 2 hours to kick in, but lasts a long time (depending on your stomach content).

Pro tip: Eat half and wait to see how you feel. Eating cannabis can be a little risky (and unpredictable) since every treat has many ingredients, each reacting with the THC differently. 

THC Infused Drinks

Everyone likes to have a nice glass of pinot after a long day at work. But imagine having your favorite strain in your favorite drink.

cannabis-drinks-beveragesCannabis tea is a great way to get a nice and relaxing high, maybe the alternative to chamomile tea for an uninterrupted sleep. Enough THC is extracted for a comfortable haze.  Seeing as weed is only slightly soluble in water; water infusion can be an inefficient way to get a “pro high”. In drinks like bhang, cannabis strains are made with milk, which is totally soluble and you get more out of the THC.

With drinks, the high will always be at a safe level because all drinks contain and element of water. And weed and water don’t completely mix.

Marijuana Topicals

Topical use of cannabis can be very beneficial.

thc-cannabis-infused-balm-lotionMany medical marijuana patients find the results to be unlike any other drug. Applying the stuff does not get you a “head high” but you can definitely feel the lotions and pain relief. A great method is also tinctures which are dropped on your tongue. Topicals are great because you don’t have to worry about the smell. Basically any oils/creams you can find at Bath and Bodyworks, you can find a cannabis topical.

Topicals are essentially concentrates in an physically applyable form. So they are very potent but easy to maintain because there is no smoke bit.

Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates have been tested and proven to have anywhere from 60-80% THC.

concentrate-WaxMuch like topicals, concentrates or hash have the added benefit of a different/smell free high. Concentrates can be vaporizing wax,  tincture under your tongue, or the orally administered THC-free cannabis oil. These new more scientifically advanced methods are changing attitudes toward cannabis everywhere. The future of cannabis is steering toward these potent concentrated forms, especially as the therapeutic potential of non-smoking methods is realized by the public.

Many are concerned that concentrates are too potent and if extracted incorrectly can still contain butane. Due to its difficulty to create, it is made in a controlled manor to ensure there are no plant byproducts.

Smoking Pot, Ganja, Weed, Marijuana

I’ve saved the most common and Bob Marley’s favorite for last. Smoking. 

marijuana-pipesIt seems like everyone and their mothers have a story about smoking weed, even Barack Obama has tried it (but didn’t inhale). Within the category of smoking there are lot of different ways to combust the flowers and we have can classified each in order of THC release percentage.

There are many variations of pipes and bongs including bubblers, one-hitters, steam rollers, gandalf, corn cob, metal, fold-able, stealth and vaporizer pipes to name a few.


  • Level 1: The Joint – The joint is a classic and great way to get high with friends. Everyone likes holding fire, looking cool, and rolling is fun too. A lot of THC is lost into the air when it is burning and not the most efficient method.
  • Level 2: Phat Blunts – Blunts are just like joints but with a tobacco wrapping. Typically can contain more flowers and will last longer than a joint. The high is a little more potent because of the tobacco paper and is quite common in areas with lower grade marijuana. Typically use dutch masters, swisher sweets, or phillies.
  • Level 3: Glass Pipes – Pipes are easily the most commonly used in the US and are a convenient way to smoke. Glass pipes get more THC release than smoking with paper, but are less than bongs and vaporizers. You don’t need paper so they are easy to consume but leave a trail of paraphernalia, where papers are much easier to ditch in a crisis.
  • Level 4: Water Bongs – By filtering the weed through water you are cleansing it of the plant matter and other combusted materials. Bongs or water pipes can offer a smooth hit on the lungs or a wrecking blow to the face. Adding in percolators, ash catchers, ice, and other accessories you can really trick out a bong with extras.


Enjoy Cannabis Safely – Please!

MLSS-MarioLevelUpNo matter how you plan to consume cannabis in Colorado please do it as safely as possible.

How you choose to consume cannabis can seem overwhelming. At SOMA we understand and are here to help so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. (which may seem like this video game) These laws will help you be safe in Colorado.

Learn Colorado Cannabis Laws