The New Year is upon us. We’re nearly a quarter of the way into 2017, isn’t that crazy? Time flies. Well with the new year comes new beginnings, and Soma is honoring this by introducing ten tasty new strains to the roster. For all you looking to switch things up and try some different plants, take a look below at the new regiment of greenery that’s going to fill your pallet with a whole assortment of unique flavors. If anything, just find your favorite name and read about it –as these are quite vigorous.


Yes, this strain is actually called Deathstar. Although it cannot beam a light-ray and destroy planets, it certainly has force (pun intended here). This incredibly potent indica comes from Columbus, Ohio, where it has proved its worth and been a favorite among the cash-croppers for quite some time. If you’re a fan of earthy, ‘natural’ tastes, then the Deathstar fits your pallet. It sheds a complex terpene profile, has a fresh, sweet earthy smell, and its buds are thick and chunky. Not to mention it has a gorgeous aesthetic.

  • Sensi Star X Sour Diesel
  • Flowers in 55 days

Blue Dream

If this Sativa were actually a dream, it’d be one of those beautiful, joyous dreams that fill you with elation well after you’ve awoken. In this strain there are traces of blueberry and sweet berry nose (it’s a fantasy for all you blueberry lovers). If you’re curious about this plant, do expect big yields. It’s been a perennial favorite for a while and continuously fails to disappoint.

  • Super Silver Haze x Dj Short’s Blueberry
  • Flowers in 60 days

Durban Poison (clone only)

Although there’s poison in the name, this sativa hybrid is far from venomous. It’s one of the first African Landrace sativas brought to Europe and cultivated in the early 90s –and it’s had staying power since then. It carries a unique smell and is a squat plant for a sativa. It looks a bit futuristic with its bright coloring, but holds to that authentic sativa taste. Note: some de-fanning is going to be needed if you’re to pick up this strain, but the experts advise that it’s well worth it.

Cherry Lime Haze

This sativa dominant hybrid has been around for years. Well, with a name like Cherry Lime Haze, it sort of just makes your mouth water, so it makes sense. Some know it as Cherry AK (although it’s not always the same strain). It’s full of rich, potent flavor, and matches the same quality in color. Mostly grown outside of Colorado, this hybrid plant is a true delicacy that has proved its worth for a couple decades now.

  • Cherry bomb x Haze x Unknown
  • Flowers in 50 days

Blueberry Headband

This hybrid has elite, powerful genes. A cross between multiple renowned plants, the Blueberry Headband’s diesel structure comes with self-sustained branches and impressive intermodal spacing. If you’re expecting a ‘blueberry’ plant that holds taste, yet no color, you won’t find that here; this plant grows colorful and with a true blue haze in the buds. It’s a nursery favorite and for good reason.

  • ‘76 Blueberry x Emerald OG x Cali Sour D x Pre ’98 Bubba
  • Flowers in 60 days

Lucky Charms

Yeah –this strain tastes as good (if not better) than the cereal. Some would call it magical, others would say it’s well-engineered. Both are true. This frosty hybrid combines one of Bodhi’s dominants males and the clone of ‘The White.’ If you’re familiar with Green Crack, then you’ll be familiar with the structure of this plant as the two are vastly similar (plentiful side branching, sort of squat, tighter internodes than usual). Yet – because of the female (The White) the buds have a bright, creamy white color and the top-nose is creamy too. Lucky Charms is a dynamic terpene profile, and comes highly recommended.

  • The White x Appalachia
  • Flowers in 60 days

Tahoe Alien

If this were actually an extraterrestrial, it’d probably beam out of the sky, find a cozy place on earth, and then fall asleep with a smile on its face. This is the baby of Alien and OG Kush (the Tahoe Cut) that basically hit the genetic indica lottery. It’s resin potent from Tahoe OG but keep its self-sustainability from its Alien Kush parent. It has that sophisticated new smell, frosty leaves, and a dynamic, new-age quality to it.

  • Alien Kush x OG Kush
  • Flowers in 55 days

Grape Ape

If you’re a fan of purple weed, this is your superstar. It’s a straight indica that remains faithful to its roots. It has broad, dense leaves that linger over the condensed, highly-packed buds (like in most grape strains). Similar to the Durban Poison we mentioned, you’ll certainly need to de-fan this plant. It has a fantastic aesthetic and preserves all the appeal usually noted in grape strains.

  • Purple Strain
  • Flowers in 50 days


Although this plant is a hybrid, it’s so sativa dominant that people often just call it a sativa. Pioneered by Crockett Family Farms based out of California, this plant has excellent sativa spears and an easier stretch due to one of its parents (Lemon Skunk). It’s a recent addition to Kind Love’s stable, but it’s already gaining a reputation.

  • Tangie x Lemon Skunk
  • Flowers in 60 days

Super Lemon Haze

Again, this is another sativa-dominant hybrid that doesn’t feel like a hybrid at all. It has the same Lemon Skunk base as the aforementioned Clementine. If you like tang and zest and citrus and anything lemony, then you’ve found a favorite. This strain is about as lemony as it goes, made obvious per the Super Lemon Haze. It’s certainly sativa-dominant, and hits like it too. There’s a sweet after bite of taste but it’s also tarty too. It holds a pretty green texture spun with sun-blond browns. It’s one of those strains that very much holds to what its name suggests.

  • Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze
  • Flowers in 56 days

These ten tasty dynamic strains are soon to come to Soma. They’re from quality grows, have notable genetic structures, and come highly recommended.