In this past voting period, California legalized marijuana. This feat is symbolic of the way the world is changing. Now over half the United States has legalized the medical use of marijuana and some of those states have gone as far as to legalize the recreational use. The more research continues to support the benefits of marijuana (not to mention subtract from its ‘illegal drug’ connotation), the more we’re seeing the world rally behind it. With this change, comes our responsibility to explore healthier alternatives to ingesting marijuana; vaporizing. Not only is vaporizing a healthier, safer alternative, but it also allows for the substance to last longer, thus upholding more value for the expense. For all of you who smoke weed for recreational or medical purposes, wouldn’t a new, flashy vaporizer be a perfect Christmas present? We’re here to list ten of the hottest vaporizers in the market. Gift someone, or better yet, gift yourself.

Quick Draw M1 Vaporizer

bv-m1-510x510This little compact device takes all the former QuickDraw models, and combines them into a high-performing machine. The M1 is an on-the-go vaporizer that allows you to vape direct concentrates, solids, and liquids all in one, easily portable, consolidated packaged. With an integrated coil-style atomizer, the heating of solids or concentrates will always remain in balance. Being that the coil doesn’t take much to heat up; as soon as it arrives you can start with the vaping.

Pax Vaporizer

pax_site_metadata_finalThe Pax Vaporizer is built with an intelligent-battery that cools whenever it’s not in use, allowing for longer active-time before needing a charge. It comes in weighing less than most smart phones, comes with a ten-year-warranty, and looks impressively sleek and modern. With its anodized aluminum shell the Pax is not only durable, but it has equal heat-distribution so it never overheats or becomes uncomfortable to hold. It’s efficient, affordable, and highly-integrated.

The Firefly Vaporizer

firefly-vaporizer-reviewThe Firefly is nifty, compact, and highly sought after. Since its introduction to the market not four years ago, it’s become one of the leading portable vapes in the industry. The newer models now come with a Firefly application – allowing for you to preset temperature at the touch of a screen on your tablet or mobile device. Not only that, it looks attractively futuristic – and performs that way too. It’s quick, simple, and packs a punch. For those of us that are constantly mobile, it’s the perfect machine.

NEOS Vaporizer Pen

bat-char-angle-600x600The NEOS Pen is praised for its ability to convert all of the THCa to THC at lower temperatures. Why this is important, is that it burns down all the other parts of the plant and extracts the purest, healthiest THC, without the carcinogenic effect often said to take place with higher-temperature applications. Using the NEOS Pen is one of the most effective and cleanest forms of vaporizing in the market. It’s exactly what people look for when switching over to vaporizing for a healthier alternative.

CloudV Phantom

mini-phantom-white-1-500x500The CloudV Phantom combines portability, performance, and style all in one package. It’s user-friendly designe comes ready to use once the battery is charged. It has a heating chamber with an optimized burning temperature of 420F – perfect for dry herbs and more. With its simple design and sleek frame, it’s a great choice for anyone who needs an on-the-go vape. Also, it comes with a one year warranty.

V2 Pro Series 7

couponThe Pro Series 7 is one of the most versatile vaporizers on the market. Regardless of it size, this vaporizer can vape on oils, dry herbs, or concentrates (particularly wax) with great efficiency. It comes equipped with a 1800mah battery and a 2.4ml storage tank meaning this thing is going to last you a long time once charged. Full of features, the Pro Series 7 is compact, easy-to-use, and affordable when compared with other vaporizers that accomplish the same in bigger sizes.

The Matrix Vaporizer

3-matrix-colorsAt a good price, the Matrix offers an impressive value. It extracts vapor from dry herb with ease and has the option of taking on a separate chamber which is compatible with oil concentrates. It’s compact, engineered for simplicity, and at a price point that betrays what it’s capable of. It’s also one of those Vaporizers that is the perfect weight for the hand to hold (and it looks great!)

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

g-pen-elite-vaporizerThis G Pen Elite is elegance and performance in one vaporizer. It comes with a chamber tool that makes cleaning the chamber easier than other models, and a G card that allows for you to grind your herbs (also it looks like a credit card so you can just store it in your wallet). The G Pen comes with an integrated LCD screen that gives system updates; current temperature and battery life. It’s designed to burn for longer and consolidate heat to never be uncomfortable to the touch.

Pax 2

p2_hero_black_1The Pax 2 was recently released… in its release, it has made a huge impact on the vaporizer industry. Those who’ve purchased it won’t shut up about it, and they’re inspiring others to follow suit. It’s one of the most compact machines out there, has an incredible vapor production, and is engineered to be user-friendly. It beats its predecessor by a landslide.

Alfa Vaporizer

go-boof-alfa-vaporizer-temp-controlThe Afla Vaporizer by Goboof is the perfect choice for those who enjoy aromatic blends. There are three integrated manual heat settings, and two automatic ones. The switch between temperatures is easy to use and efficient. The vaporizer also comes with a charger and USB cord which allows you to use the device while it’s charging. It comes with an integrated heating-pin which ensures your blends vaporize evenly. It also comes with its own cleaning kit.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to make a decision as to what sort of vaporizer is right for you or the intended recipient. With the new wave of marijuana legalization, we’re going to see a rise in these types of products (both in quantity and quality). What better way to gift your significant other or loved ones than to issue them with a healthier alternative to enjoy their ganja? We’d say there’s few others. Hopefully the above list gave you some ideas.