The dog days of summer are almost upon us, and with that comes high heat indexes, warm ocean breezes, arid grassless patches, or humid, flat country farmlands, depending on where your dot is on the map. Location, though is irrelevant when it comes down to this piece’s subject matter – which, of course is the 10 most epic marijuana strains for summer.

If you’re reading this, it’s more than likely that a delightful marijuana strain, coupled with the perfect place to relax, is the ultimate summer goal. Below we offer you a rundown of this summer’s ideal shopping list, but be warned, the list is only for those that can handle the amazing varieties described.

All are currently available, however, no twitching of the nose can refill dishes once they’re emptied; you might want to head out soon, so you’re not stuck as a Jeannie in a bottle of the smokeless variety. Without further ado, I present to you the 10 Amazing Marijuana Strains for Summer.

10) F’N Wrecked (Sativa Hybrid).

F’N Wrecked (Sativa Hybrid)
is a great summertime treat. Pay no attention to the roughness of its name, as it comes from a pretty F’N good heritage.

Can you think of a worse summertime punishment than arriving to buy F’N Wrecked and being told they’re sold out? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything – here’s our backup selection: Hell’s Fire #1 (Hybrid).

9) Grape Ape (Indica).

This one is a perfect answer to a summer night hanging out with friends. You can’t beat Grape Ape by the campfire, out at the lake – let’s be honest, it’s great pretty much anywhere.

As the long nights and the longer days approach the demand for Grape Ape is going to be insane. Upon arrival should the dish be empty, I would suggest as its backup: Bubble Gum (Hybrid).

8) Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)

Summer should not be allowed to come and go without enjoying the high associated with Super Lemon Haze Sativa. In the late afternoon, when the lemony haze aroma has overtaken the air, it’s time to break out the lemon and sugar mixed sun tea.

If they are out when you arrive, although, I truly hope this were not to occur, but if it does, the next logical offering to scoop up is Sour D (Hybrid) aka Sour Diesel.

7) Death Star (Hybrid).

No summertime is complete without a little Star Wars in your life, even if it’s just the watching one of the original movies on the home theater. Death Star is the only logical strain to create the overall ambiance perfection.

If you want Chewbacca along on your trip but if Death Star is missing, you should make sure to go for the Chewdawg 94 (Hybrid).

6) Durban Poison Sativa

Gatherings with family and friends are a great time to share your Durban Poison Sativa, so break out the BBQ grill and load the coolers up with ice. Social media makes it so easy to send out the invites and costs nothing at all.

If you have space and time, hang a line and enjoy a fun game of volleyball. If not, hitting the driveway for some basketball, the apartment or neighborhood swimming pool could be all be incorporated rather seamlessly.

I’ll toss you an alternative strain in case the team of players purchases the last of the South African delight. In this case, I’d select Animal Cookies (Hybrid).

5)  Granddaddy Purp (Indica)

Granddaddy Purp is awesome for a trip to the local amusement park this summer. The roller coasters will have many screaming during the adventure, for all that are tall enough to ride. Those who don’t are destined for yet another summer stuck hanging out in the kiddy land areas once again.

If the granddaddy is snagged before you get a chance you could always try out the Blue Dream (Sativa).

4) Great White Shark (Indica).

Any chance of one seeing a Great White Shark this year while traveling? Vacation plans are a natural summertime event, as is seeing a tornado or two in the Midwest. The primary difference is that with vacations directions can be preplanned months in advance, unlike a tornado’s path that often leaves mere minutes to decide. Either can raise the excitement levels, for the same reasons, often even.

Saving summer vacation time for various reasons is not unheard of or even unlikely. Some people love to join the tornado chasing season. Others save theirs for the annual Ozzfest, Knotfest, or The Gathering of the Juggalos. Yet there are a few who take their vacations to just stay home and chill.

Seeing tails within the great oceans still becomes possible even if no Great White Shark is available by checking out some Moby Dick (Sativa).

3) Bruce Banner (Sativa)

Hopefully, Bruce Banner can keep from becoming angry at the fair this year. Last season, the Hulk made an untimely appearance when he lost the hot dog eating contest. No one can figure out what he had been thinking when he signed up to compete.

Animals with winning ribbons ended up all over the grounds, the little old ladies lost many prizes winning quilts, and we don’t even want to think of all the jams, jellies, and canned preserves that lost their lives without ever finding a slice of toast.

Grabbing a selection of NYC Diesel (Hybrid) might be a great plan in the unfortunate demise of Bruce Banner.

2) White Widow (Sativa).

Luckily for us, the White Widow is a picnic pest that no one ever minds finding mixed into their spread. The basket of homemade treats, the blanket, maybe even a bottle of wine, grapes, cheese, are all great items to be added to the list. Hey, maybe grab the Frisbee for anyone that has a little energy once the eating has been done.

Ghost OG (Indica) might be a “boo-ing” score in the event that the spider gets away.

1) AK47 (Indica).

No final farewell would be summer time complete without the fireworks extravaganza, and a bit of AK47 simply offers an added bang for the buck. A beautiful light display in the sky that is a true delight for the young and old alike.

If the AK47 happens to run out, much like the we tend to with the ammo, grab yourself a bit of C4 (Hybrid) would be the final alternate to sample.