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I had a great week long stay in Crested Butte during August 2014. I checked out the other adult use shops in town but ended up coming back to Soma every time. As a newbie to the Colorado scene, the staff was very helpful and didn't mind explaining purchase/consumption laws to me. The product quality was A+. Very upscale storefront, too. I'll be back next year! ūüôā

We Sell Only the Best Quality Buds, Edibles, Hash and other Cannabis Products


I've been to the other dispensaries in town and this is my favorite. Biggest selection by far. Nice waiting area. Friendly staff that know what they're talking about. Great products and prices

Beautiful Home Grown Strain Menu

Sativas, Indicas, & Hybrids

Priced for Quality

15 Signature Strains + New Rotating Crops Each Harvest

We take growing very seriously. In fact, we might enjoy growing Cannabis even more than owning a dispensary!

Our mission is to produce the best cannabis in Colorado! We focus on 15 of the best strains in the world, hand selected by our staff to consistently stock the high quality strains our customers deserve. During each harvest, we choose a featured strains for our customers to sample on top of our 15 signature favorites.

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Soma has great prices, excellent selection of dank buds! Recommended as a first stop if you are new to the areas dispensaries!

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This has been my favorite dispensary so far, I have been to 6 and felt like Soma was my home, The staff was very nice and helpful. My favorite is the watermelon chewies. The drinks are yummy too,